MigOps welcomes Gilles Darold to lead the Database Migration team

If you have used Ora2PG or pgBadger or Orafce extension for Oracle compatibility in PostgreSQL, then, you already know Gilles Darold. As an Author of Ora2PG, Gilles is one of the important reasons for millions of migrations from Oracle to PostgreSQL, since 2001. He is also one of very committed authors for numerous Open Source projects in the PostgreSQL ecosystem.

Gilles as an Author of Ora2PG

The first version of Ora2PG was released by Gilles on 9th May, 2001. Ora2PG is a free software available under the GNU GPL v3.0 license. By the way, Ora2PG has completed 20 Years of continuous development this year, making it the most robust Open Source migration tool in the world today.

It supports the following functionalities –

  1. Migration Assessment – Produces a neat report on the estimated person days and the complexity involved in performing the migration to PostgreSQL. This helps Organizations estimate the cost involved in migration and gives confidence to start a POC (Proof Of concept). See a sample report here.
  2. Schema Migration – The major complexity involved in performing migrations from Oracle to PostgreSQL is the schema conversion. An Oracle schema may contain custom types, complex stored procedures and packages. Ora2PG converts all the objects in PostgreSQL syntax. Functions and Packages also get converted to PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL. This helps a user to start the migration from either fully converted schema or a partially converted schema. As a user need not start from scratch, Ora2PG being Open Source, is one of the globally used tools for schema conversions.
  3. Data Migration – Ora2PG not only migrates the schema but also the data. Data from any type of complex table structures can be migrated using Ora2PG. Additionally, it supports parallel table migration making it the fastest open source data migration tool. Ora2PG is also the recommended data migration tool by Amazon (AWS article) for migrating BLOB or CLOB from Oracle to PostgreSQL.
Author of pgBadger

Every PostgreSQL deployment must have got pgBadger installed. Important information needed for debugging in PostgreSQL, such as, errors, warnings, deadlocks, time consuming queries, autovacuum and checkpoint information, etc., is all available in PostgreSQL log files. Manually debugging a log file is very time consuming and challenging. For this reason, Gilles started a project called pgBadger. This can be used to generate a neat html report to view the information stored in PostgreSQL logs. See a sample pgBadger report here.

More such Open Source Projects by Gilles can be seen here.

Reason behind Gilles joining MigOps

MigOps focuses on contributing to such Open Source projects that enable Migrations to PostgreSQL (Open Source) and help users eliminate any type of smart vendor lock-ins during Migrations. We rather develop Open Source extensions with PostgreSQL license, to add compatibility to an Oracle feature in PostgreSQL instead of making it part of a proprietary Product or a proprietary fork of PostgreSQL.

Gilles and our Team at MigOps will be focusing on adding more features to Ora2PG and similar such Open Source projects to encourage more migrations from Oracle like commercial databases to PostgreSQL. For example, please see the following extensions we developed in the past 2 months with PostgreSQL License for the purpose of Oracle compatibility and another custom requirement.

  1. pg_dbms_errlog : This is an extension created to emulate the behaviour of DBMS_ERRLOG package in Oracle. This way, our customers have the ability to use PostgreSQL (Open Source) and create this extension to avoid changing a lot of application level code.
  2. credcheck : This an extension to enforce username and password rules such as minimum length, characters, special characters, etc. for username and password during both CREATE USER/ROLE and ALTER USER/ROLE.

In addition to that, we also have made some contributions to Ora2PG as seen in the release notes.

Gilles will be leading the Database Migration Team at MigOps. As a lead, Gilles will be involved in performing deeper migration assessments of the Customer environments. Majority of the migration failures can be avoided with a proper migration assessment. Gilles also supports the development team by reviewing the code contributions while continuing the contributions to several Open Source tools and extensions. At the same time, Gilles will be identifying the need for such extensions to give compatibility to Oracle or other databases during migrations.

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