Gilles Darold taking the role as a CTO of MigOps

MigOps is proud to announce that Gilles Darold will be taking over the responsibility as a CTO at MigOps. This is not only a privilege for MigOps but also an advantage to every company looking to migrate to Open Source and PostgreSQL. Gilles has been contributing to the Open Source ecosystem aroundGilles Darold takes the role as a CTO at MigOps PostgreSQL for over 2 decades. He has built and is still contributing to several tools and extensions that are being used at all of PostgreSQL deployments today. The well known tool for migrating Oracle to PostgreSQL and MySQL to PostgreSQL : Ora2pg, has been primarily authored by Gilles.

MigOps was founded to satisfy the increasing demand for migrations to PostgreSQL, followed by a need for Open Source solutions to provide compatibility with commercial databases. MigOps is now expanding the Open Source ecosystem around PostgreSQL migrations not only from Oracle but also from several other commercial databases.

Gilles has been part of MigOps since June, 2021 and has continued contributing to PostgreSQL. He has also authored multiple new Open Source extensions providing compatibility to Oracle features (PG_DBMS_JOB and PG_DBMS_ERRLOG), while working at MigOps. This was primarily done to solve some of our customer’s migration challenges.

With a team of experts in several programming languages at MigOps, Gilles will be able to drive the development of the ecosystem needed to enable easier migrations to PostgreSQL. With Gilles being on-board, MigOps is now fully geared up to start more contributions and migrate as many customers as possible to Open Source and PostgreSQL. We thank Gilles Darold for accepting this responsibility and it is a happy moment for every Open Source lover and Organizations looking to migrate to Open Source and PostgreSQL.

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