Application Migrations

Migrating Legacy Applications

MigOps has helped several Customers migrate their legacy applications to modern technologies and microservices. We have come across serveral applications that are obsolete and built with unsupported technologies waiting to break at any given time. Sometimes, the developers who have built those applications may have left the Organization making it more difficult due to lack of domain expertise. Such roadblocks do not allow organizations to scale their applications and implement any optimizations and increase security risks.


Our team carefully analyses such applications and implements a design involving latest generation technologies including integration to Cloud. We enable a smooth transition from a legacy application upon robust development and testing through a lift-and-shift approach.

Monolithic to Microservices

Studies indicate that more than 70% of the Enterprises are transitioning from a Monolithic to a Microservices architecture. Monolithic applications may involve challenges in code updation, maintenance and scalability as it is tightly coupled. MigOps has enabled Companies to migrate from Monolithic to Microservices by identifying the dependencies, refactoring the components and taking an interim approach if necessary. Migrating to microservices would enable Organizations to build a unified service out of a collection of services. This also provides an opportunity for distributing data increasing the possibilities for horizontal scalability.

Application Migrations during Database Migrations

Experts at MigOps have huge experience in performing Complex Database Migrations to PostgreSQL and other databases deployed on Cloud. During the process of migration from a different data store, it requires several changes in the application code for portability. For example, there may exist an embedded SQL code whose syntax is only supported on a specific database engine but not PostgreSQL or any target database. Transaction behavior also varies between database engines.

MigOps approaches such complex migrations in no time through our automatic application code scanners that immediately identifies the code that requires changes. These application assessment scanners have been built over a period of several years and are actively maintained by our team. Once we fix all the required changes, we implement the fixes to have a well-performing scalable application.

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