Handling Global Associative Arrays in PostgreSQL

While migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL, most of the developers ask about the options available in Handling Global associative arrays in PostgreSQL. It might get challenging if the variables need to be accessible in the Exception block. To avoid developers from finding it difficult while performing conversions of PL/SQL from Oracle to PostgreSQL, we are writing this blog

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A Bug on Aurora PostgreSQL 12 causes Autovacuum to hang forever

Amazon recently announced the release of Aurora PostgreSQL 12. This announcement may have encouraged several customers to upgrade from their existing Aurora PostgreSQL 10.x or 11.x to Aurora PostgreSQL 12.4. The Community PostgreSQL 12 has been one of the greatest releases ever with a big list of features and performance optimizations. So, it may be fair to assume

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Role of Foreign Data Wrappers in Migrations to PostgreSQL

Millions of databases are being migrated to PostgreSQL today. This is because of the liberal PostgreSQL license in particular that invited more contributions to PostgreSQL and eventually made it Enterprise Grade. I have presented and also blogged about some of the rich enterprise features as following, those are otherwise available for an additional cost with some commercial databases.

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