Oracle Forms To Java

Migration of Oracle Forms to
a Java Application

Experts at MigOps can help you Migrate from Oracle forms to Java. Oracle forms contain screens that interact with an Oracle Database. While most of the code is present in the form of a PL/SQL, MigOps eliminates the possibility of having all of the PL/SQL moved and maintained in the Database for performance optimizations. We move most of the logic to Application enabling the possiblities of database migrations during the process of forms migration.

Our Approach

We start the Oracle forms migration by creating a robust documentation of the Custom forms created by an Enterprise. Our design documentation will be helpful for Application Architects, UI and Java developers and the testing teams working on the migration. We can help you architect and migrate forms to a modern Web, Mobile and Desktop application in the least possible development time through our expertise.

Enabling Open Source adoption

MigOps has a huge expertise in migrating complex Oracle databases to PostgreSQL. Migrating to PostgreSQL enables the opportunity to pay ZERO license fees for a database software. PostgreSQL is an Open Source database that offers enterprise grade features offered by Oracle like commercial databases at no additional license cost. Our customers have leveraged our services to not only transform their Oracle forms to Java applications but also migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL. This enables Customers to reduce their Operational Costs and scale their applications.

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