Health Audits and Performance Tuning

What is involved in a health assessment

MigOps offers 3 day and 5 day consulting for PostgreSQL Health Audits and Performance Tuning based on the problem statement. After the consulting engagement, MigOps provides a detailed overview of the short-term, mid-term, and long-term recommendations along with implementation steps. 

This analysis also covers security assessment, configuration assessment, identifying the reasons for performance issues with proposed solutions, and other areas specific to the user’s problem statement. 

Inquire about a Health Audit or Performance Tuning Exercise if you are experiencing one of the following:


Haven't performed any maintenance activities on the PostgreSQL databases for the past 1 year


Looking To Optimize The Costs On PostgreSQL Databases Deployed On Cloud - AWS Or Google Cloud Platform Or Microsoft Azure​


Unable to scale PostgreSQL databases with increased data and workload


Facing frequent performance issues that are impacting business operations. Unclear what is causing the performance issues


Not sure if the infrastructure and configuration, security settings and user management chosen for PostgreSQL databases upon migration is optimal


Not sure if Tables or Indexes are bloated, not sure if hot updates are happening to reduce writes and not sure how to set up a table specific autovacuum configuration


Data purging activities are causing outages or performance issues


Time-consuming wraparound autovacuum observed very frequently


High CPU and IO utilization causes frequent performance issues


Not confident about the chosen backup strategy or high availability setup

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