Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrations

Our Method

Certified experts at MigOps help organizations integrate their existing topology of applications to the Microsoft ecosystem. Be it On-Premise or Cloud, MigOps is just a step away for a smoother transition. MigOps has originally started to build its expertise on Microsoft Dynamics 365 considering its ease in integration to Office 365 suite for our customers. Eventually, our team created custom connectors and customized tools increasing customer satisfaction.

Why does MigOps prefer Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides ERP and CRM applications to help create business processes throughout an Organization. Efficient interactions pertaining to Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Accounting, Billing, Social Applications, Orders, Invoices, Inventory, etc. can be made possible with the components of a Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

It is important for a CRM to have a smoother integration to the existing business solutions. Microsoft AppSource contains thousands of applications from which a business could smoothly adapt the essential applications. While the automation of sales and marketing workflows through Microsoft solutions is a great advantage, it offers an integration of Microsoft solutions at a least cost compared to any existing alternative today. This is one of the reasons why we have seen several customers approaching us for integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Mobile friendly dashboards for customer service and intelligent sales insights finds it easy to collaborate with distributed teams. Activity logging and smart integreation to Microsoft ORM and Splunk for added security. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers seamless interopability with all Microsoft solutions. All it takes is a low code involving no complex logic for importing and transformation of data through Azure. The ecosystem of Dynamics 365 and Azure together provides the advantage of having a low cost vendor like Microsoft providing SaaS (software as a service.)

How does MigOps perform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration has been made simple through the Dynamic 365 REST APIs. Integration specialists at MigOps use their expertise in helping customers integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 through the right set of APIs. 

Our expertise avoids the need of complex code processing through our customized tools. We minimize the implementation time by taking the right decision for the right use case. We take a decision of either manual integrations or extending existing applications used for integration. 

With programmers contributing to Open Source projects and more than 10 technologies across the world, we take a choice to code leveraging the API’s for integration or create connectors, wherever necessary. Our deep assessments followed by technical documentation finds it easier for customers to trust our expertise in smooth integrations. 

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