Database Migration Assessment

Before you decide on migrating to PostgreSQL, it is important to perform an assessment to understand the complexity involved. MigOps has experts with more than a decade of experience in handling complex database migrations. Our experts have done complex database migrations that involved several hundreds of Terabytes of data along with thousands of complex stored procedures. 

We provide a detailed assessment that covers a variety of aspects. While some of the companies provide a high level assessment of the automatic conversion performed through some tools, MigOps offers an assessment using both automations and manual analysis. Through our assessment, you should know the percentage of database objects that can be converted with no hassle and also understand the amount of code that needs to be handled through some more additional work. 

Some of the vendors perform migrations by adding their commercial hooks. This forces customers to perform a second phase of migration to Community PostgreSQL. MigOps aims to help customers avoid any type of vendor lock-in by adding well maintained Open Source solutions and custom code that avoids dependency with any vendor in the future. This would allow our customers to switch between multiple database versions or cloud vendors without any clutches. 

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