Oracle To PostgreSQL Migration

Why PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is considered to be one of the most loved databases by Oracle database admins and developers. Most of the terminologies such as the process based architecture or the way the background processes work make Postgres easily adaptable for Oracle admins. 

Some of the syntax offered by Postgres is quite similar to how it works in Oracle. Additionally, PostgreSQL is well known for the ability to create Stored Procedures and Functions that mostly have a similar syntax as Oracle. This is the reason why Organizations prefer PostgreSQL as a migration target to enjoy the freedom of Open Source software that avoids any vendor lock-in and also reduces the cost in buying renewing software licenses every year. 

Other than some of the above mentioned similarities, there exists several Open Source extensions that offer Oracle compatibility to Postgres. This makes it easier for developers as one could avoid a huge rewrite of the application stack. 

With all these facts, more than 5 out of 10 migrations to PostgreSQL are estimated to be happening from Oracle. Experts at MigOps are certified Oracle DBAs and developers. This makes it easy for our customers to communicate with us using the Oracle terminology. And we make it easy for you by offering dedicated Consultants who could help you perform a POC, create the overall migration plan and perform the Migration. 

Reach out to us to discuss how we can perform an assessment or help you migrate your Oracle databases to PostgreSQL.

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