Database Migration Assessment

Analysis using charts to understand a database migration project
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Importance of An Assessment

Before you decide on migrating to PostgreSQL, it is important to have a deep assessment performed by experts.
Our team has completed several complex database migrations that involved Terabytes of data along with thousands of complex stored procedures.

Following are the general reasons for Migration Failures and Delays:


Under-estimated assessments performed by automated migration tools


Database schema and the application not assessed by a human (a migration expert)

Major challenges uncovered during assessments by MigOps


Complex objects that cannot be directly converted to PostgreSQL and the estimated time for conversion


Incompatible queries that require a rewrite in PostgreSQL


Overall time involved in porting the application to PostgreSQL


Time consuming development or work-arounds that can be avoided through patches to existing PostgreSQL extensions


Requirement for new PostgreSQL extensions to solve unique use cases observed


Features of Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase or DB2, that are currently being used but not possible with PostgreSQL


Identifying the possibilities of vendor lock-in based on the target environment chosen, such as on Cloud or other hosting services


Almost near-to-real estimation on the duration of the migration and the cost involved

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