PostgreSQL Migration Consulting

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MigOps offers flexible consulting services to support your team during the migration journey to PostgreSQL. MigOps can be onboarded during any of the following phases of your migration.

Following are a few advantages of onboarding an expert from MigOps for Database Migration services:


Schema Migration


Conversion of complex queries or business logic such as Packages, Stored procedures, Functions etc.


Fixing compatibility and application portability issues during migration


Setting up a PostgreSQL cluster satisfying the business requirements


Performance Tuning and optimizations during migration

How does MigOps handle complex compatibility issues during migration?


Our team has been contributing to PostgreSQL and its ecosystem of tools and extensions for more than 2 decades. In the event of incompatibilities that require time consuming work-arounds, we contribute patches to PostgreSQL extensions or create new extensions.


While migrating to PostgreSQL on Cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, we effectively contribute patches to existing extensions that are supported on the platform choosen.

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