Remote Database Administrator

PostgreSQL Experts

On-board a PostgreSQL expert from MigOps to manage your PostgreSQL databases. With more than a decade of experience in observing thousands of databases and solving a variety of issues, we learn every day and implement the right set of tools and extensions that perform well with PostgreSQL.

Following are a few advantages of onboarding an expert from MigOps for Remote DBA services:


Flexible Billing

Pay for a minimum number of hours every month and pay the same hourly rate for additional hours utilized. For example, you subscribe to 10 hours per month and pay the same hourly rate for any additional hours utilized with no additional overage costs.


PostgreSQL Experts Managing Your Database

MigOps contributes heavily to PostgreSQL that includes over 30 extensions and tools supporting various features and functionalities. Work confidently knowing our experts with deeper insights of PostgreSQL manage your databases, perform health checks along with routine maintenance tasks.


Free Health Audits

Our experts perform monthly audits for your PostgreSQL databases which would increase visibility into your overall database activity. See our Health Audit and Performance Tuning page for more details.


Dedicated Consultants

MigOps assigns two dedicated Consultants to manage your PostgreSQL databases. It requires a certain amount of time to adapt to the database traffic pattern and perform the right optimization. MigOps comprehends this challenge and thus assigns dedicated consultants for your databases.

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