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MigOps Can Migrate Your Databases, Applications and Enable Digital Transformation
How do we help you Migrate to PostgreSQL and Manage ?

We migrate Oracle and any database to PostgreSQL. Through our decades of expertise in building and contributing to PostgreSQL and its Open Source ecosystem, we eliminate migration failures by performing in depth assessments. Our experts have managed and built thousands of enterprise grade PostgreSQL environments with robust backup and recovery strategies, high availability, monitoring, security, and automatic scalability.

How do we Migrate your Applications and enable Digital Transformation ?

Our experts at MigOps have more than a decade of experience in building and managing robust Applications for E-commerce, Retail, Financial and IT industries. We have great expertise in porting and merging existing applications to different data sources including PostgreSQL. We have supported companies in the process of digital transformation through our Innovative development and design skills. Our experts have migrated legacy Oracle forms to Java and performed numerous integrations of Migration Dynamics 360.

Our Services

24/7 Migration Support

MigOps offers 24/7 migration support for your teams performing migrations from Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase to PostgreSQL. Our experts support your development and administration teams with issues related to schema conversions, resolving performance issues, work-arounds for Oracle compatibility or other database compatibility issues, PostgreSQL High Availability setup, extensions, errors and scalability issues with PostgreSQL.

24/7 PostgreSQL Support

MigOps offers 24/7 support to help you keep your databases up and running. Our expertise in PostgreSQL would help you resolve complex PostgreSQL performance problems, errors, high availability and scalability issues through chat and phone support. Our knowledge base and expertise would be helpful in building a highly scalable PostgreSQL database using enterprise grade open source tools and extensions.
About Us

MigOps believes in Open Source database freedom. Our experts at MigOps are known in the PostgreSQL world for providing customized and Open Source solutions to eliminate additional license costs and vendor lock-in while migrating to PostgreSQL.

Our team at MigOps have working experience ranging between 5 to 30 years in deploying critical applications on many commercial database technologies. Because of our expertise, we will talk to you using the terminologies you understand. Our experts have migrated applications between different technologies and also implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 for ERP and CRM.

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