Can PostgreSQL be your Migration Target?
Use our expertise on Commercial and Open Source Databases to perform an accurate Migration Assessment
Database Migration Assessment
Before you start your Database Migration
Most of the delays or failures in database migrations happen due to not knowing some of the Architectural differences
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Migrate to PostgreSQL
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Oracle to PostgreSQL
Explore how we leverage Custom and Open Source tools for Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations eliminating vendor lock-in.
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Migrate to PostgreSQL on Cloud
Know how we can help you with Cloud PostgreSQL Solutions.
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Cloud & OpenSource Solutions
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We offer Cloud and Open Source solutions to boost your digital success.

Our experts at MigOps will be happy to assist you in implementing a right tool for the right purpose.

Our services

Migration Assessment

Massive migrations are happening to PostgreSQL to bring down the costs on software licenses and to benefit from the extensive feature set. Get an assessment done to see if your database can be migrated to PostgreSQL.

Migration To Postgres

Community PostgreSQL offers enterprise grade features that are otherwise offered for an additional license & fee with commercial databases. Our experts at MigOps have decades of experience in performing migrations to PostgreSQL. Reach out to us to know how we can help you.

Oracle to PostgreSQL

Number of migrations from Oracle to PostgreSQL are increasing day by day due to similarity between Oracle and PostgreSQL. Architectural and Syntactical similarities make it easier for admins and developers to choose PostgreSQL as their migration.

Lift/Shift To Cloud

Billions of databases are being lifted from On-Premise and being shifted to a Cloud platform such as AWS or Azure or GCP. MigOps has experts who have huge experience with deploying PostgreSQL on any cloud platform.

Remote DBA Support

Have you deployed PostgreSQL but do not have an expert admin to maintain the databases ? We provide dedicated Database Administrators who can maintain your databases. We are flexible to provide Remote DBAs for both temporary and long-term engagements.

PostgreSQL Trainings

We provide, beginner and advanced trainings including customized trainings on PostgreSQL administration and PostgreSQL development. Reach out to us to plan a demo from a PostgreSQL expert.

Our Team

MigOps stands for Migration to Open Source. As the name indicates, we believe in Open Source database freedom. Our team is passionate about performing complex database migrations to Open Source PostgreSQL eliminating any vendor lock-in. Our expertise on Cloud finds it easy for us to Collaborate with you to perform migrations to Cloud. Contact us today and let us be part of your successful journey.

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