MigOps announcing the support for Babelfish on any Cloud Platform

AWS has recently announced the release of Babelfish extension that supports SQL Server TDS protocol. In order to have this extension work with PostgreSQL, it required some changes to PostgreSQL. However, the original thought of having the required hooks integrated into PostgreSQL has not been considered by the PostgreSQL Community (see the discussion here). For this reason, AWS had to create a fork of PostgreSQL and added around 40 hooks followed by some minimal changes to support Babelfish.

MigOps announcing support for Babelfish on any Cloud Platform

Babelfish is an extension contributed by AWS and supported by AWS for their customers migrating to Aurora PostgreSQL. MigOps would like to extend MigOps announces support for Babelfish on any Cloud Platformthis support to PostgreSQL deployed on any Cloud platform. MigOps has been migrating several commercial databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, etc to PostgreSQL deployed On Premise or cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and GCP.

Upon a detailed assessment, MigOps believes that this extension would provide a huge benefit to companies looking to migrate from SQL server to PostgreSQL. For this reason, MigOps would like to announce the support for Babelfish on any Cloud Platform.

Introduction to Babelfish

Babelfish is a PostgreSQL extension that provides PostgreSQL the capability to understand queries from applications written for Microsoft SQL Server. pltsql - a new language extension that implements the Transact-SQL language used in Sybase and SQL Server RDBMS has been integrated with this extension.


Babelfish is a standalone PostgreSQL extension that requires pg_config to be built and a modified version of PostgreSQL is rather used.

PostgreSQL fork : https://github.com/babelfish-for-postgresql/postgresql_modified_for_babelfish

PostgreSQL extension package : https://github.com/babelfish-for-postgresql/babelfish_extensions

What does the babelfish extension contain ?

The babelfish PostgreSQL extension package includes 4 extensions : 

  • babelfishpg_tsql : Supports the tsql language.
  • babelfishpg_tds : Supports the tds connection.
  • babelfishpg_common : Supports the various datatypes in MSSQL.
  • babelfishpg_money : supports the money type in MSSQL. This is a variation of the fixeddecimal extension.

Advantages of Babelfish extension for SQL Server to PostgreSQL Migrations
  • It understands the SQL Server wire-protocol and T-SQL, the Microsoft SQL Server query language.
  • No need to switch database drivers or re-write all of the application queries, applications currently running on SQL Server can run directly on PostgreSQL with few code changes.
  • Reduces the overall development and migration time.
  • The application can execute SQL Server queries and regular PostgreSQL queries at the same time.
  • Developed by AWS and supported by MigOps. So, we can expect good contributions and further development of this project.
  • The new language extension : pltsql, allows to execute T-SQL stored procedures directly into PostgreSQL, just like plpgsql code.
  • Reduces the need of rewriting the Transact-SQL functions and hence reduces the overall migration time.

What to do next ?

If you are looking to migrate your SQL Server databases to PostgreSQL on any platform including AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform, please send an email to sales@migops.com or fill the following form, someone from our team will contact you soon.

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  1. Check out Babelfish Compass, the compatibility assessment tool that is part of Babelfish. This will be a great help in quickly determining whether a particular application is a good fit for Babelfish.
    You can download Babelfish Compass here:
    • Executable: https://github.com/babelfish-for-postgresql/babelfish_compass/releases/latest
    • User Guide: https://github.com/babelfish-for-postgresql/babelfish_compass/blob/main/BabelfishCompass_UserGuide.pdf

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